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About us

The company NGO and Business Audit doo Sarajevo was founded in 2003 in Sarajevo with the main activity of auditing organizations from the non-governmental sector as well as all other legal entities.

NGO and Business Audit doo team has extensive experience in working with civil society organizations, local and international, projects funded by international donors in BiH and the region, as well as working with other legal entities in BiH.

The company has many years of successful cooperation with all international donors who finance the implementation of projects in BiH and in the region.

Our services

NGO and Business Audit doo offers the following services:

  • audit of financial statements in accordance with domestic law and international financial reporting standards
  • compliance audit
  • business audits and segment analysis
  • abbreviated audits or insight into financial statements
  • audit of projects funded by international donors
    (EU, USAID, Sida, SDC ..)
  • external service
    internal audits
  • economic and financial analysis of business
  • development of investment and business plans for financing from donor funds
  • assessment services for entities that are potential recipients of donor funds
  • monitoring and evaluation of donor beneficiaries
  • education of users of international funds in the field of financial management
  • counseling
    in business combinations
  • jobs
    legal-economic financial analysis of transactions and parts of business
  • financial and tax
    due diligence
  • business analysis
  • forensic services
  • tax consulting
  • transfer prices
  • tax analysis

Business principles

Members of our team have continuous professional education in order to provide a high standard of our services, professional objectivity and preserve the trust of our clients, markets and the public.

The reputation of a company that provides top professional services directly depends on the values we respect and the way we adhere to them:

Our behavior is determined by honesty and moral integrity.

We operate in accordance with existing laws and in their spirit.

We bring the right skills and abilities to every job we do for our clients.

We are objective in forming our professional opinion and the advice we provide.

We respect the confidentiality of the information entrusted to us.

We adhere to correct business practices.

We recognize and appreciate the impact we have on the social environment.

Our team

Ismeta Čardaković

Dipl. economist


Šejla Jakupović

Dipl. economist


Narcisa Nezirović

Dipl. economist


Andrea Nešković

Dipl. economist


Azra Čardaković

Dipl. economist


Zlatko Sarić


Jagoda Ljuboja



Since 2015, we have been successfully implementing a support program for marginalized groups - PPMG
in cooperation with the KULT Institute for Youth Development, which is a signatory to the agreement with USAID.

The INSPIRE project for human rights is based on achievements
USAID's Marginalized Support Program.


"Being a woman, with all the challenges we face, is a privilege" - says Ismeta Čardaković from Sarajevo. Find out why.


“Being a woman with all the challenges we face is a privilege” - these are the words of Ismeta Čardaković from Sarajevo. Find out why.

#womenempowerment #USAinBiH # 25YearsPartnership # 25YearPartnership #usaidbih #usaid



At the following LINK you can see in detail all the audits performed
organizations / institutions with which we cooperated, names of projects, and their donors.


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